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Daily Archives: July 31, 2017

Even A Small Grizzly Bears Are Irresistible

Naturalist Casey Anderson playing a game with a beautiful small grizzly bear. Casey Anderson professional dealing with animals. He recently filmed a short documentary ‘Man and grizzly – changing history’. Which shows his close relationship with a small grizzly bear that was left abandoned in the wild. Sweet bear on the …

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Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss

Lion and dog are Best Friends. Two animals are so close that they gave “kisses” and share the lion’s meal of raw meat! Ever since childhood, a lion named Bonedigger weighs 227 pounds is intimate with a small eight year Dachshund Milo. The unusual couple in the park of exotic animals …

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Animals In Mirrors – Hilarious Reactions

Of all the animals that exist on this planet, only a precious few have the capacity to recognize themselves in a mirror. These fascinating and at times hilarious videos taken by photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre reveal the reactions of various animals. As they gaze upon their reflections for the very first …

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Homeless Couple Says Goodbye To Their 7 Stray Dogs

Rescuers from Hope For Paws have been surprised by the friendly approach of four dogs that lived by the river. Those dogs were not scared of people and the rescuers have found out why. A homeless woman, named Wilma, was taking care of those dogs and when she heard that …

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