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Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss

Lion and dog are Best Friends. Two animals are so close that they gave “kisses” and share the lion’s meal of raw meat!

Ever since childhood, a lion named Bonedigger weighs 227 pounds is intimate with a small eight year Dachshund Milo. The unusual couple in the park of exotic animals in Wynnewood, in the US state of Oklahoma, is inseparable for five years.

This “king of beasts” was born with a metabolic bone disease, which is slightly crippled, and he developed an unusually close relationship with the guardian of the Zoological Park John Reinke who lost both legs in an accident while bungee jumping.

The sausage links a small dog and a massive lava is so strong that Milo with two five year dachshund came to comfort Bonedigger when he felt that he suffered because of his ailments. They are so close to these animals even share the lion’s meal of raw meat, and often touching in a way that oddly resembles the kisses.

On the video below you can see how sweet they are:

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