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Even A Small Grizzly Bears Are Irresistible

Naturalist Casey Anderson playing a game with a beautiful small grizzly bear. Casey Anderson professional dealing with animals. He recently filmed a short documentary ‘Man and grizzly – changing history’. Which shows his close relationship with a small grizzly bear that was left abandoned in the wild. Sweet bear on the tape is actually female named Bella, and Anderson has patiently taught rules of conduct.

Something more about grizzly bears:

The mighty grizzly bear ruled California’s valleys, forests and coasts with fierce claws and jaws until people shot the last ones nearly a century ago. Now an environmental group is asking the state to consider bringing it back.

In a proposal fanning strong emotions about humans’ uneasy relationship with big predators they are trying to save. The Center for Biological Diversity is trying to drum up support for the state to study reintroducing grizzly bears to remote areas such as the Sierra.

Not surprisingly, some critics including the state’s wildlife agency suggest it would be impractical and unsafe to reintroduce the 800-pound grizzly. Also known as the brown bear, to the most populated state in the nation.

“Reintroducing grizzly bears to California would be idiotic,” said Pete Margiotta, a Walnut Creek resident and longtime hunter. “Somebody is going to get killed.”

But the center, a frequent plaintiff in legal disputes over endangered species, says the grizzly bear’s recovery from near extinction in the lower 48 states would be more secure. If the species expanded its range beyond select areas in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington.

California still has many remote and sparsely populated areas that might be suitable for grizzlies, the center says.

“The grizzly bear is an icon in California history. It’s on our state flag, but where is the grizzly bear?” said Jeff Miller, a conservation advocate for the national group with an office in Oakland. “There are serious issues to be addressed with reintroduction, but this idea should not be dismissed out of hand because of emotion.”

Check this out that video with this adorable small grizzly bear!

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