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Homeless Couple Says Goodbye To Their 7 Stray Dogs

Rescuers from Hope For Paws have been surprised by the friendly approach of four dogs that lived by the river. Those dogs were not scared of people and the rescuers have found out why. A homeless woman, named Wilma, was taking care of those dogs and when she heard that the rescuers are going to take away those dogs, Wilma got upset!

They needed to explain to her that what they do is for the best of the dogs and that they are only going to help them. They also promised her some help as soon as they manage to find a way for that. Though she had a really hard time on saying goodbye to her loving friends, at the end she had to let them go.

The homeless woman said goodbye to each dog and the whole scene has been heartbreaking. Wilma’s life would be easier if she didn’t have to take care for those dogs but, they’ve loved her. When her husband, Ruben, got back he told the rescuers that there were three more dogs out there, so the rescuers had to come back in 48 hours to pick them up.

The homeless couple has been relieved because they won’t have to care for the stray dogs. It’s been really hard for them, by as animal lovers they could not ignore those dogs. Now they are happy that the dogs will be rehomed. Share this inspirational story with other animal lovers.

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