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Video Shows Police Horse Kick Woman Who Slapped It At Queen’s Homecoming

A Kingston police horse didn’t wait for the court system to mete out justice after a woman appeared to slap the animal on the behind during Queen’s University homecoming festivities on the weekend. A brief video posted to Instagram on Sunday shows a woman running up to the horse and smacking its backside. The startled horse kicks her and the woman, wearing a Queen’s shirt, falls to the ground. She gets up quickly and runs back towards her laughing friends.

The video has been viewed nearly 700,000 times.

In a series of tweets, Kingston police said the horse, named Murney, was still in training and was slapped three separate times by different people Saturday, adding that the animal was “startled by slaps but kept her restraint.”

No one was seriously injured.  Three people, two men and a woman, have been charged with injury to an animal. The female facing charges is a student at Queen’s, police confirmed. In a humorous tweet, police hinted that the end result could have been much worse for the accused horse slappers.

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