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Horse Killed At Cowtown Rodeo

Marc Bekoff, a leading animal behaviorist and Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Colorado, Boulder, calls for ban on rodeos! In an article posted in Psychology Today on July 8, 2013, Bekoff stated that horses should not be used for entertainment during a rodeo show. He’s been shocked from a video footage that he saw, posted by Showing Animals Respect and Kindness.

An innocent 9-year-old horse, named Duke, has been electrically shocked out and in the video you can see him uncontollably shaking in the arena. The horse died and this video went viral shocking people from the horse world!

In his article, Bekoff calls out the announcer at the rodeo, because of his heartless attitude. He was telling the audience that injuries happen all the time. Would you like your family pet to be treaten like that? Of course not and what if this happened to you dog or cat just for “entertainment”?!

Horses suffer same as other animals, says Bekoff. The owner of the Cowtown Rodeo, Grant Harris, responded to the outrage over Duke’s death. Harris said that Duke hasn’t been electro shocked, but another video came out and it seems that he was only trying to cover up what they did. Unfortunately, Duke received cruel treatment before he died and he would still be alive if he wasn’t part of that rodeo!

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