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Poetry... Philosophy... Animals! Associate Writer for AnimalsAddicted.

Shocking Scene: Car Accident With Horse!

This event happened in a trip in Romania. There were two horses running on the road and there was no opening to go to the mountain. I did not pass them over to scare and unfortunately came From the other traffic stream the car and became the bad. Unfortunately not …

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Confronting An Animal Abusing Cop

“I happened to see an officer riding a horse outside the Rogers Centre in Toronto and he was using a bit and the horse was also shod. Bits and shoes are extremely painful and detrimental to a horse’s health and I decided to confront the officer for committing animal abuse.”

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Stable Worker Accused of Horse Abuse: Caught On Video

Former stable hand James Hutchinson is charged with horse abuse after he is caught on video hitting and whipping his employer’s horse. Do you really know who you are hiring to take care of your animals? There are tools for horse and pet owners to help screen potential workers, adopters, and …

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Bloopers !!!

These brief clips are only moments in time and do not give you, the viewer, the whole story. Some of these events are recognized events, but most of the bloopers here are from schooling shows – so give a little grace to the horse and rider as they are probably …

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Horse Abuse Definitely Not Teach Horse Driven

I have really never seen somuch stupidity concentrated in a 2 minute video around putting ( what seems to be a totally unprepared) young mare to a carriage. Best thing to do is to switch of sound, as music is horrible. It is very clear, that those young ladies had …

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