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Poetry... Philosophy... Animals! Associate Writer for AnimalsAddicted.

No Charges For Man Who Dragged Horse Until She Fell

Stafford Springs, CT – Neighbors were horrified when they saw a 86-year-old Culver Modisette dragging his horse behind his pickup truck. Helen Kelley snapped several pictures showing the horse tripping and falling to the ground, while she was screaming at Modisette to stop his truck.  “I started screaming to him, ‘Stop, …

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Horse Found Almost Dead In An Abondoned Horse Trailer

Shocking story about a horse left inside a horse trailer! Whoever did that should take responsibility, because it’s a terrible thing to abandon a animal like that. This case happened on June 2nd on the road between Roggen Colorado and Keenesburg Colorado. People are now trying to raise money, which …

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Reining Horse Trainer Pleads Guilty To Felony Animal Cruelty

A horse trainer accused of causing the September 2013 training death of the reining horse, Bella Gunnabe Gifted, pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty Tuesday. North Carolina resident Mark Arballo entered his plea at a readiness conference in California. Although a felony, Arballo pleaded guilty to California penal code § 597(b). …

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