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Horse Attack Versus Angry Woman

This lady CLEARLY did not do anything wrong… she certainly didn’t hurt the horse, that’s laughable!! I think she handled the situation excellently… I would have been knocked to the ground… She is obviously incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to handling these guys. Your thoughts?

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The Most Genius Rider In The Worst Situation

That horse was amazing, and the rider was even better. The rider helped the horse stay calm and that horse really tried it’s best not to injure her at all. If horses weren’t soooo heavy it looked like she might get a few bruises at most. I don’t know much …

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16 Month Old Horse Trained And Ridden Causes Internet Outrage

Riding a 16-month-old foal is not acceptable for any normal horse person. Recently, some photos  have been  going around the Internet causing some serious outrage. In those photos people could see a 16 month old foal ridden by Douglass Todd- a Tennessee Walker Trainer. The question was how could a …

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Live Donkey Fed to Zoo Tigers

A helpless donkey has been pushed into a tiger’s cage at the private Yancheng Safari Park in Eastern China. The scene has been filmed by shocked bystanders, while the donkey has been struggling to stay away from the cage. Those workers in red rain jackets have been hired by an …

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No Charges For Man Who Dragged Horse Until She Fell

Stafford Springs, CT – Neighbors were horrified when they saw a 86-year-old Culver Modisette dragging his horse behind his pickup truck. Helen Kelley snapped several pictures showing the horse tripping and falling to the ground, while she was screaming at Modisette to stop his truck.  “I started screaming to him, ‘Stop, …

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