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Even A Small Grizzly Bears Are Irresistible

Naturalist Casey Anderson playing a game with a beautiful small grizzly bear. Casey Anderson professional dealing with animals. He recently filmed a short documentary ‘Man and grizzly – changing history’. Which shows his close relationship with a small grizzly bear that was left abandoned in the wild. Sweet bear on the …

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Cute Animal Friends: Lion and Dog Kiss

Lion and dog are Best Friends. Two animals are so close that they gave “kisses” and share the lion’s meal of raw meat! Ever since childhood, a lion named Bonedigger weighs 227 pounds is intimate with a small eight year Dachshund Milo. The unusual couple in the park of exotic animals …

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Animals In Mirrors – Hilarious Reactions

Of all the animals that exist on this planet, only a precious few have the capacity to recognize themselves in a mirror. These fascinating and at times hilarious videos taken by photographer Xavier Hubert Brierre reveal the reactions of various animals. As they gaze upon their reflections for the very first …

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